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01. How do I arrange furniture in an office?

There is no one correct way to arrange furniture in an office environment. Different workspaces have different working needs and require different arrangements. Our office designers have many years’ experience of helping companies get the most from their office spaces.

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02. What is ergonomic office furniture?

Ergonomic furniture describes pieces of furniture including office desks and office chairs that have been designed with comfort, functionality and user wellbeing in mind. Good ergonomic office furniture is essential to ensuring furniture is suitable for the user whilst improving productivity.

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03. What is credenza office furniture?

Credenza is an American term for a sideboard storage unit, normally located in the dining room. Credenza Office Furniture is a term used to describe a unit similar in style to a sideboard that houses tea, coffee with the option to house a fridge unit.

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04. What is the difference between commercial office furniture and home office furniture?

Commercial office furniture is designed for purpose, its well-built, and performs to current legislations. Domestic, also known as home office furniture is manufactured to meet lower amounts of usage and is unlikely to be as robust or hardwearing in comparison.

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05. How much should I spend on office furniture?

Your budget for new office furniture will be dependent on what you and your business need. Whether you’re a start-up business or a large commercial enterprise, investment in good quality staple furniture including desks, chairs and storage will only maximise your investment and will help avoid having to replace cheap furniture or equipment, that doesn’t carry a good warranty package, cannot ensure product continuity or may not meet UK industry and fire regulations.

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06. How to assemble office furniture?

From office desks, to office storage every piece of office furniture is assembled differently. That’s why our expert delivery and installation team, with years of experience can take care of the assembly of your new furniture at a time and location of your choice.

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07. How to move heavy office furniture?

Heavy office furniture should be moved with caution. That’s why our delivery and installation team are fully trained in manual handling and are on hand to help with office moves or refurbishment projects.

If you want to find out more how our team can help move large, awkwardly shaped or heavy office furniture as part of an office fit-out refurbishment, get in touch

08. Where do I buy high end office furniture?

Here at COI Total Interiors, we can supply high quality furniture from some of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers in the UK.

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09. What’s the difference between high end office furniture and contract office furniture?

High end office furniture can be described as furniture that has been manufactured to a superior quality, with designer inspired ranges that give the real ‘wow’ factor in any workspace, often finished in veneer wood, glass and stylish fabric materials. Contract office furniture is a cost-effective furniture solution that will meet the needs of most businesses, designed and promoted for its durability and meeting current legislations and requirements.

Look at a range of office furniture at our fully stocked showrooms or view our online inspirational library

10. Where can I visit an office furniture showroom?

Explore and experience the latest office furniture at any one of our showrooms located in key areas of the UK including Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire and Suffolk. With partnerships with many of the largest and most reputable UK manufacturers, we are also able to provide access to several showrooms in London and across the UK.

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11. How does initial consultation work with COI Total Interiors?

Creating a versatile workspace can often be a complex and time-consuming task. With our experience and expertise, our team will help you to create the space you need, at a price you can afford, starting with workplace consultations to understand the concept, through to providing space design plans, arranging showroom visits to view a full spectrum of furniture ranges and comprehensive proposals to meet your budget requirements.

Find out more about our project management services and how we can help you visualise how your new or existing workspace can look and how it will function ergonomically

12. How does the planning process work with COI Total Interiors?

Using the latest technology, our experienced office design team can provide a complete service that allows you to visualise how your workplace can look, how it will function ergonomically and how many people could be accommodated within your workspace redesign. Following an onsite consultation or working from supplied architect plans, our team will arrange accurate scale plans, 3D drawings, computer rendered visuals and mood boards to bring your ideas to life focusing on colours, textiles, finishes and fittings.

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13. What does DSE mean

DSE means Display Screen Equipment. All businesses in the UK must comply with Health & Safety – Display Screen Equipment regulations 1992 (amended 2002) and all other relevant legislation along with good practice and ergonomic standards. As a competent DSE advisor and provider of ergonomic furniture and accessories, COI Total Interiors can provide onsite DSE workstation and seating assessments, analysing existing furniture and making recommendations if improvements are required.

Discover more about DSE and view our simple assessment guide on our website

14. Which manufacturers does COI Total Interiors work with?

As a local independent business, we have access to a broad marketplace enabling us to source furniture to meet every budget. Our purchasing partnerships with some of the largest most reputable UK manufacturers include Senator Group, Boss Design, Frovi, Orangebox, Elite Office Furniture, OCEE Design, Imperial Office Furniture and Silverline.

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