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Posted on 9th May 2018

If your office is looking dull, tired and in need of a redesign then you should read our latest blog where we explore how simple changes in the structure of your workplace including painting and decorating, inspiring artwork, effective lighting and the redesign of existing or new office furniture and equipment can improve productivity and help create awesome workspaces.

A splash of colour:
Choosing the right colours for your workplace can often become a difficult decision, but it’s important to find the right balance using colours or wall coverings that are refreshing, clean and motivating. 

To achieve effective results, why not introduce a little colour into your office?  A coat of paint is an economical solution that won’t break the bank but in return can help motivate the team with improved productivity in the workplace.

If you need help with colours, read our previous blog ‘The Power of Colour’ which gives an insight into how adding some simple colour accents to your office space in small ways can easily and completely change your attitude towards the working environment.

Whether you’ve taken the decision to decorate or you need a simpler but effective solution we would suggest you invest in some creative artwork that will help inspire and stimulate your team.

Research shows artwork has an important role to play in effective workplaces.  In fact, findings prove that artwork can make workers feel more content, relaxed and more creative. 

Effective Lighting:
Lighting in the workplace is often overlooked, but when you consider that each of your employees can spend up to 40 plus hours each week sat at their desk – we think you will agree it’s vital you look at your lighting provision and ensure you’re providing an environment people are happy to work in.

When considering your lighting options, efficiency and glare control should be the main factors.  With various options available in today’s marketplace, it’s a good idea to look at solutions that offer low energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements, for example, LED lighting.

 If you’re blessed with natural light, don’t underestimate the need to introduce artificial light.  By ‘throwing’ light onto walls and ceilings, it can help a room appear bigger, brighter and less enclosed.

Space Design:
Designing the perfect office environment can sometimes be difficult, however by introducing an office design consultant it can help remove the pressure and help make the process stress free! 

An effective space planner like COI Total Interiors will use the latest technology to help optimise every millimeter of space, whilst introducing style and practicality to improve morale and efficiency of staff.  The complete design process allows you to visualise how your new or existing office can look and how it will function ergonomically.

Office Furnishings:
We truly believe the right furniture can complete a workplace. When sourcing office furniture it’s important you consider whether its style and flexibility support the need for your employees. 

In today’s office, almost all office workers will use a computer or laptop and their workstation should accommodate this along with any other special requirements including multiple screens, mobile devices, and storage.  But remember your furniture needs to be more than just functional! It can be easy to let cost overrule, however, good quality furniture is an investment as not only are you investing in your employees but you’re also providing furniture that will last and stand the test of time.

We hope our suggestions will help improve your office environment.  To discuss your own office environment needs why not request your own free workplace consultation with one of our experienced and knowledgeable account managers, get in touch.

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