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Posted on 21st June 2018

The biggest trend in office furniture has been the development of the height adjustable desk. Designed to assist those with back, shoulder or neck issues alongside a host of increased health benefits, you are likely to have already seen an increased amount of ergonomic desks in the everyday workplace, health facilities and educational establishments.

If you’ve already taken the plunge and invested in a potentially life-changing desk, don’t forget to consider the ‘must-have’ accessories to ensure you are receiving maximum comfort alongside the highest health advantages.

Here are our top three standing desk must haves – which one would you chose?

To put it simply, a standing mat provides better control of your posture, making it the perfect partner to height adjustable desks. The anti-fatigue Comfort Spot can help reduce the chances of back pains developing whilst helping those who are already managing existing problems too.

The additional benefits of introducing a Comfort Spot include:

• PU cushioning with an elasticised breathable structure
• Reduces swelling of the legs
• Decreases fatigue by improving circulation
• Easy to clean (brush, vacuum or wash with water)
• Cellular structure that retains heat and breaths
• Hanging clip provided (for when you’re not standing)

With the commercial office carpet often being chosen for its design or colour, the thickness of the pile is often overlooked and its importance underestimated to a height adjustable desk user. Thin carpets or floor tiles offer very little cushioning to the hard floor below, that’s why we suggest a Comfort PU anti fatigue floor mat is an essential accessory that will aid your comfort and increase productivity.

The additional benefits of introducing a Comfort PU Mat include:

• Anti-fatigue mat with soft additional PU padding
• Reduces swelling of the legs
• Decreases fatigue by improving circulation
• Durable and Easy to clean (brush or vacuum)
• Grip reverse keeps mat in place

We are always hearing from the experts how increased movement WILL benefit our long-term health, and guess what…. the Balance Board can help you do just that!

As you stand on the Balance Board, your body will instinctively make constant tiny movements so you maintain your equilibrium and when used whilst standing, the Balance Board can almost double the standing desk health benefits.

The additional benefits of introducing a Balance Board include:

• Activates and tones muscles in your back, legs, and ankles
• Boosts the metabolism increasing alertness and calorie consumption
• Increased alertness and comfort can mean an increase in productivity
• Activates use of the pelvic area with its unique skateboard like pivot design, which aids in maintaining the good posture of the back, neck, and shoulders
• Hanging clip provided (for when you’re not standing)

It’s worth remembering wearing flat shoes at your adjustable stand desk will help avoid any long-term health-related problems.

An adjustable standing desk is a huge step in the right direction for improving health and productivity. But if you’re going to, or have already invested in a new ergonomic desk that will change your routine and increase the number of hours on your feet, you owe it to yourself to invest in some standing desk ‘must-have’ accessories to protect your legs, back, neck and shoulders.

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Resource: Ergonomic Furniture Accessories Brochure

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