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Posted on 22nd November 2018

The investment in good office furniture and interiors for your working environment is important; in fact, it’s not just important, it’s vital to ensuring your team’s good health and wellbeing.

I’m sure like us, you enjoying browsing catalogues and online shops and accumulating a wish list, but how many of us follow through with ordering what we wished for, or just actually brought something that was of a cheaper or lower quality just because you couldn’t justify the cost?

As office furniture specialists, unfortunately, we hear this all the time. A poorly manufactured chair will not stand the test of time and can cause the user to take leave from work with work-related illnesses including back or neck pain, leading to additional costs to the business including the need to replace cheap furniture when it breaks.

Take a moment to think about your responsibility to your team and whether your current investment has a positive effect on productivity. We hope the answer is yes, but if it isn’t what is the impact on your long-term business accomplishments? Research signifies that having the correct office chair and desk can improve wellbeing and increase productivity in the workplace, and that’s exactly why we believe office furniture, when correctly designed with the comfort and health of the user in mind, can have a positive effect not only on productivity but also on staff morale.

Our blog will help you to understand your office and furniture requirements, and offers simple advice to help buy furniture and equipment that will be both functional and attractive for years to come.

Understanding your office

Whether you’re moving into new office space or refurbishing your current premises, start by thinking about the following questions that will help you understand your office, your team and your overall furniture requirements.

1. How many team members does your business currently employ? And what are your expansion plans for the next 5 years?

2. What style of office layout will best suit your business? Would you like to introduce agile furniture with hot desks as an option?

3. Will your employees need a private or quiet space away from their desk for informal meeting and collaboration?

4. Evaluate how much storage each team member and the business requires? Is this your opportunity to evolve and start storing your documents digitally?.

5. What visitor requirements does your business need? Would you like a visitor welcome area?

Space Planning

A good office furniture and interior specialist often provides a complimentary planning and design service. Our dedicated Account Managers at COI will take the time to fully understand your concept, business culture and ways of working and produce inspirational scale plans, 3D drawings, computer rendered visuals, and mood boards to bring design ideas to life and give you the opportunity to interact and feedback on your workplace transformation.

Work with a budget

When it comes to any purchase decision, your budget is always going to be one of the most important factors. We advise you set yourself a maximum budget prior to making any purchase decisions, this will almost certainly help when you’re reviewing specifications and quotations.

As we mentioned earlier in our blog, functionality, style, and quality should be top of your priority list, but don’t forget to consider what you can truly afford and with so many choices, together with a reputable office furniture dealer or supplier you’re sure to find a range to match your budget.

When you are crunching the figures, consider what extra services or help you may require to ensure your refurbishment works for your business:

1. If you’re moving or relocating your office, will you require an office move service?

2. Do you require an IT solution for the relocation of computers and printers?

3. Will you have redundant furniture to dispose of?

4. Will your chosen supplier remove furniture packaging from the site?

5. Will you require an installation service at a time convenient to your business?

Office Furniture

Every place of work is different, but whether you are a haulage firm, solicitor’s office, estate agent or working in hospitality, you will always require the three basic office furniture essentials - desks, chairs, and storage.

Office Desks – with so many styles available, choosing the right office desking can be overwhelming. The choices are endless with various sizes, finishes, and shapes, from rectangular, crescent, wave, bench and height adjustable, however, there may be some restrictions depending on the space available and what tasks are to be completed.  It is also worth thinking about whether you need large traditional desks, as nowadays technology is a lot smaller and uses far less desktop space than we would of needed a decade ago.

A rectangular desk is the most universal solution that will fit into most spaces. Wave desks offer left or right-hand options and have great adaptability for smaller footprint areas.

Modern bench desks offer an effective chain of workstations that share the same components including tops, legs, and cable management. These desks provide flexibility and can be a great solution if you’re looking to make substantial savings on your budget.

For a great ergonomic solution, the height adjustable desk, also commonly known as a ‘Sit-Stand’ desk, combines strength, style, and elegance, with a wealth of user-health benefits that can include improved circulation and posture.

Office Chairs - A staggering average of 95% of an office workers’ day is being spent sitting in front of their computer, so it’s never been more important to choose the right chair. Not only is a good ergonomic chair proven to increase productivity and performance, but it can also lead to fewer complaints and sick days, and in our opinion we see the everyday office chair as a real investment priority.

When looking at your options, your furniture specialist will normally advise and even provide a demo chair(s) to ensure you and you’re team get the best solution to suit every requirement. It’s also worth remembering:

1. The office chair should be able to swivel and rotate freely.

2. The seat height, width, and depth should all be adjustable to maximise support.

3. The backrest should also be adjustable with multi-directional movement including vertical, forward and backward.

4. Adjustable arms are often the preferred chair arm choice.

5. Make sure the chair is well padded and is built on a strong and suitable stable base.

Office Storage - When choosing filing or storage solutions for your workplace, consider current space allowances and what will be required in 5 years time as your business grows.

Space efficient storage ranges available from wooden and metal finishes including filing cabinets, cupboards, racking and mobile-shelving. With clever design, a clutter-free environment can be achieved!

Personal and locker style storage is a great option if you are considering a flexible hot desk solution.


There is no better way to get a feel of your planned office furniture investment than to see the products for yourself and to ‘try before you buy’. Why not visit our fully stocked showrooms in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, or Leicestershire and demo the furniture for yourself.


Delivery times can vary from one supplier to the next, but as a guide, you should allow up to four weeks from point of order for standard furniture. Customers are normally notified of a confirmed delivery date after the order is placed.


The reputation of a good office furniture and interiors supplier is often based on their aftercare service. Once you’ve found your preferred partner, take a look at their case studies, testimonials, and online reviews, it’s also a great idea to visit their showroom (if they have one of course!).

Other things to consider:

1.  Is there a warranty package or peace of mind guarantees provided with your selected products?

2.  Can your supplier provide product continuity?

3.  Will you be provided with furniture training or demonstrations (it’s always useful to know how to adjust your new chairs properly to suit the user).

As part of our aftercare service, COI offers all of the above as well as being able to provide added value products and services including plants, ergonomic accessories, signage, recycling bins, and artwork to enhance and compliment your new working environment.

 How can we help with your office furniture and interior needs?

If you would like additional advice, a free consultation or would like to use our space planning service, please get in touch and one of our friendly and experienced sales team will be happy to help.  Tel: 01480 869001  Email:

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