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Posted on 7th February 2019

Is your office setup anti-social? We’ve all heard about the greater benefits of working in modern open plan offices, the flexibility and increased relationship interactions scream positivity to any co-working environment however, some reports are highlighting open plan concepts can also be having a negative impact as they can be deemed chaotic and noisy, causing staff to withdraw or become irritated to situations around them.

The primary goal when designing an open plan office is to bring everyone together and encourage and inspire collaboration and communication. It’s really important to consider every aspect of your work environment from the concept stage or as a modernisation programme for a current working environment, to ensure you only introduce the positive benefits.  Things to consider include floor coverings, ceilings, lighting, office furniture and acoustic solutions, which can all assist in improving negative relationships or reduce unnecessary distractions.

Acoustic Wall Panels can be introduced for the control of reverberation (echo) in a room. These types of wall screens can reduce the amount of sound energy reflected off the walls, improving communication and acoustic comfort.

Acoustic Ceilings - a poor ceiling solution in an open plan environment can significantly compromise the acoustic performance and comfort of the space. By investing in a good ‘sound absorption’ ceiling solution you can change the effectiveness of the way sound travels across the space, thus reducing noise and distraction. An acoustic ceiling also improves privacy in board and meeting rooms as it will help control sound and reverberation. 

Acoustic Freestanding Panels/Screens can be used in rooms to reduce reverberation where the installation of wall panels is not feasible. When the introduction of several free-standing screens are used in open plan or breakout environments, they can minimise distractions and therefore improve productivity.

Acoustic Desk Panels/Screens play a significant role in creating privacy between workspaces - both acoustically and visually. The role of an acoustic screen is to ‘disrupt’ sound as it travels across the office space, absorbing noise, preventing sound reflection and reducing distraction.

Acoustic Lighting – alongside all of the standard acoustic panels and coverings, lighting can play a significant role in ensuring good wellbeing and optimising productivity. When workspace lighting and acoustics are combined into one solution you can easily create an efficient and stylish solution satisfying two interior requirements.

Acoustic Furniture – Acoustic pods, booths, and soft seating can all help with noise control within the office.  High back soft seating provides a happy medium between open plan collaborative spaces and enclosed privacy pods, with both options offering a space to communicate and network with colleagues.  

COI Total Interiors offers a full range of acoustic solutions and office furniture that can help with all levels of noise and distraction prevention requirements. We can help establish your privacy needs and assess your workplace to select the most effective products for each specific working zone.  To find out more or to book an acoustic survey, please get in touch – Tel: 01480 869001 or Email:


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