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Posted on 13th March 2019

Have you explored the benefits of a desk that gives you the option to sit or stand?
You may be surprised to learn that being seated at your workstation can be classed as bad for your health as smoking! So why do so many of us continue to sit with poor posture, slouching over a keyboard with hunched shoulders that can cause tension and unnecessary back pain?

Many reports and reviews have been written on the subject of sit-stand desks, but one of the first links highlighting the benefits of standing first became apparent during the 1950s when researchers found that London bus drivers were twice as likely to have heart problems compared to their bus conductor colleagues.

As many businesses begin to focus on wellbeing in the workplace, it’s no surprise that the introduction of height adjustable desks is on the increase in modern environments. A simple change of your desk with the option to stand can relieve most posture complaints that office workers suffer when in the unnatural seated position.

Our Director of HR, Julie Read has been using an electric height adjustable desk for over a year now, here’s what she has to say: “I’ve found having the option to sit or stand at my office desk has helped improve my productivity, whilst helping me be flexible in the way I work. I suffer from a long-term back complaint and having a desk with an option to stand gives me the opportunity to relieve the discomfort on my back when seated. I highly recommend making the change and had I realised the positive effect it has had on my health, I would have made the swap a long time ago”.

However, it’s not just people with bad backs that should consider an adjustable desk. The new office desk craze is suitable for every member of the team who spends the majority of their working day sat in front of their screen. By giving your team the ability to switch their postures and choose the way they work, you can help towards the following additional health benefits just by them opting to stand for more than 2 hours a day:

• Elevates blood flow to the brain

• Increased productivity

• Reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic illnesses

• Encourages healthier spine & joints

• Increases life expectancy

Things to consider:
If you’re thinking of joining the standing revolution, there are a few things you need to think about or change to ensure you receive the maximum benefits and receive the optimum return on your investment:

1. People using a sit-stand desk will benefit most when wearing suitable footwear that will support the standing position… sorry ladies, high heels are not recommended!

2. Adjustable desks are designed to allow us to stand for longer, but to allow us to stand in comfort, an anti-fatigue mat can help reduce any stress on the foot or ankle.

3. Will you require a manual or electric height adjustment solution? When looking at desking options, note how efficient and convenient the adjustment tool is and how loud the mechanism is, the last thing you want is a desk that’s going to disturb the entire office!

4. Even with a new adjustable desk, the user will need a supportive chair! Don’t overlook your responsibility of providing a good ergonomic seating solution for times when sitting is best.

5. Whether you’re sitting or standing a foot rest can be a beneficial desk accessory to help take the pressure off one foot when standing or both feet when sitting.

6. Give some thought to an ergonomic monitor mount. Whether the desk is being used as a hot desk or it will be solely used by one person, a monitor mount will ensure a laptop, screen or tablet can be adjusted to the correct position for the user.

We understand the rollout of height adjustable desks in your office could be an expensive exercise, but you could consider providing a ‘shared’ desking option where your team can use the desk(s) when required so they can all benefit from the extra health benefits alongside those with real back complaints.

Call on the experts!
Can’t decide whether a height-adjustable desk is right for you or your workplace? Here’s where we can help! There is a no better way to make an informed decision then to ‘try before you buy’, and we would like to invite you to one of our fully stocked showrooms to do just that! Come and explore our ranges and find the most suitable desk for you and your needs. To book your personal demonstration or an ergonomic workstation assessment, please get in touch – Tel: 01480 869001, Email:

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