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Posted on 9th April 2019

A breakout zone is best described as an area away from the desk that everyone from management, employees, and visitors can use to interact, collaborate and relax. 

There is a comprehensive range of breakout furniture available in todays marketplace, including soft seating and tables all available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes, and are the ideal solution to help promote and encourage interaction and team building in the workplace.

When thinking about ‘where’ your breakout area should be located, it’s a good starting point to think about all aspects that will influence the area, ensuring your new area is a haven away from the chaos and disruptions of everyday work life. 

Breakout Furniture Summary

Diverse settings can be created with the introduction of breakout furniture, with flexible power and data solutions and optional acoustic benefits, that all help to improve interaction, productivity, and employee wellbeing.

Soft seating with versatile tables can create an area for informal meetings or general interaction.

High back sofas can help block out noise whilst creating natural privacy.

A seating booth is ideal for lone working or private discussions.

Enclosed office pods provide a secluded area of privacy that utilises space and is suitable for conducting private discussions, meetings or interviews.  

Materials and colours

Cleverly designed breakout zones should look and feel welcoming to your employees. 

Once you’ve decided ‘where’ and the style of furniture you require, now you can have some fun choosing the interior design of your new hub. Funky modern furniture finished in vibrant colours and materials can help create a breakout environment that will inspire your team. However, if you’re looking for an area that your staff can relax in tranquil settings, the use of neutral colours with comfy sofas will offer a pleasant retreat.

As independent office and educational furniture specialists, we provide an extensive range of breakout furniture, alongside knowledgeable advice including a complimentary space planning service.  So whether you’re refurbishing your current workspace, moving somewhere new, or revitalising your current staff room get in touch today - Tel: 01480 869001  Email:

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