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Posted on 15th May 2019

The majority of our working day is spent in the workplace, so it’s never been more important to have an inspiring and productive work environment.

Modern offices are designed to be human-centered which is a contrast to the traditional and plain interior design we are all familiar with. These work areas are fashioned to be efficient and creative and represent spaces that will inspire and empower your team.

Here at COI Total Interiors, we feel everyone deserves to work in an inspiring workspace, but we know purchasing the right office furniture and equipment for a new or existing business can be quite a daunting task. Our experienced team can help create effective offices that encourage your team to be both productive and creative.

Key features of creating an inspiring workspace include:

• By introducing open space into your work environment you can encourage interaction and collaboration within your team.

• When being creative with design your workspace can incorporate your businesses brand and ethos of the company.

• Modern offices often include breakout zones and hubs to encourage a comfortable and inviting space away from the desk for either lone working or informal meetings.

• Everybody is different in their own special way, and the way we work is no different. Innovative offices often adopt flexible work solutions including height adjustable desking.

• Good lighting can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of your team and can help create pleasant working conditions that encourage productivity.

• Positive and inspiring artwork can help eliminate stress whilst making your office more inviting and motivational.

We can help!

Our office designs maximise space and promote workspace wellbeing, whilst our high-quality furniture will inspire and motivate employees and impress prospective clients. 

The COI team are experienced and friendly and can help you make the best decisions when refurbishing your current or new office space including free advice for businesses who are relocating or moving office.

Get in touch to discuss how an office furniture refurbishment or office fit-out could improve and inspire your business.

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