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Posted on 5th June 2019

The office desk is a basic requirement for every office environment, but how do you choose the right desk for you and your team?

Today, the very best contemporary workspaces are designed to meet the changing demands of the workplace and the needs of the people who work in them. Office desking is available in multiple shapes and sizes including rectangular, crescent, wave, and bench, the office desk you choose will be dependent on important factors that include the space available and who will be using it.

Finding the right desk can easily become an overwhelming and time-consuming task, so we’ve put together a helpful guide that details some of the most popular office desking styles which we hope will help you find your next office desk.

Rectangular Desks
A popular choice in many offices, the rectangular desk is the most basic in design but is one of the most flexible solutions that will fit most universal areas.
Recommended by Ergonomists and DSE specialists, rectangular desks offer great ergonomic benefits that prevent you from sitting at an angle or in a twisted position.

Crescent Desks
Larger in design, the crescent desk is an L shape desk with a distinct curve that provides a wider working area. One thing to note, if you’re using a laptop or flat screen monitor you can end up with wasted space within the
widest corner of the desk.

Wave Desks
The simplest way to describe a wave desk is to imagine a rectangular desk with a crescent desk twist! This style of desk provides increased desk depth with a left or right hand (wave) option. A wave desk provides an overall smaller footprint which makes it an ideal desk for workplaces with limited floor space.

Bench Desking
Bench desking is a great solution that helps make the best use of floor space using shared tops, frames and cable management solutions. A modern solution to open plan offices, bench desking is adaptable, flexible and can be a great budget saver!

Reception Desks
A reception desk is exactly what it says on the tin! This style of desk is styled to stand out and to create a good impression in receptions and welcome spaces.

Height Adjustable Desks
Height adjustable desking is the latest modern innovation in the world of desk design, combining ergonomic form with considerable style that boasts a wealth of good health benefits.

The majority of office desks are available in standard sizes ranging from 1000 – 1800mm wide, all though most good office furniture dealers and manufacturers will be able to accommodate bespoke sizes to meet your exact requirements.

MFC desk finishes are highly durable, with a wide range of finishes to choose from including a range of Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Elm, White, Beech, Ash, Black or Grey.

Laminate finishes is a modern solution due to its durable thinner design. Like MFC finishes, Laminate is available in a wide range of colour options.

For a more executive feel, real wood veneer provides superior elegance and style. With a heavier price tag, a veneered desk isn’t an everyday choice for the modern office as it can mark and scratch easily.

Space Planning
Here at COI Total Interiors, we want to ensure every business is getting the best use of their available space. Our team can provide a comprehensive space design service that will take into consideration the space available including the size, shape, and finish of your new desks and associated furniture.

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Hopefully, our summary of office desking has helped you get a step closer in choosing your perfect office desk. As office furniture dealers, COI are able to offer an extensive range of office desking to suit every type of business including the open plan office, agile office, executive suites, call centres, school offices, and training environments. Why not visit one of our fully stocked showrooms to get an insight and feel of the desks available and all the associated office furniture ranges including storage, office chairs, soft seating, and meeting room furniture.

To request a showroom tour, a workplace consultation or to take advantage of our in-house space planning facility, please get in touch and one of our friendly and experienced sales team will be happy to help.
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