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Posted on 24th July 2019

Starting a new business and becoming your own boss is exciting, you start with the ideas, you create a brand with strong ethos and personality, and you rent a workspace to help bring your business ideas to life. By this stage, you’ve already completed and progressed through so many stages, so when it comes to furnishing your new empty space its worth remembering the first impression  of your business is often based on your workplace facility.

Though the thought of furnishing your office may sound expensive, we’ve put together our best tips to help make the most of your investment and to assist in creating an inviting and inspiring place to work.

Step 1 – Do your research
Don’t rush to purchase your new office furniture! Many online suppliers can provide budget pleasing office furniture but how will you know your new purchases will stand the test of time? As a firm believer in being able to see, touch or try new purchases (because let’s face it, you wouldn’t buy a car without a test-drive… would you?) good office furniture suppliers (like ourselves) will invite you to view a variety of furniture ranges at a local showroom, enabling you the opportunity to get up and personal with your investment and discover what best suits you and your business, because the reality is as you start your new venture you are likely to be sat at your desk for 8 hours or more each day, so making sure you’re inspired and comfortable should be up there as one of your priorities.

By involving an office furniture specialist like us, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concept ideas and together, create interesting and innovative space designs. Additionally, you can take advantage of a range of best-value services including workplace consultations, showroom facilities and a range of office furniture that meets your ergonomic needs, whilst importantly factoring in all of your expectations including budget and timescales.

Step 2 – Confirm your budget
When you’re planning your new business start-up, the purse strings are likely to be quite tight. To help you keep on top of your spending and to avoid impulse or panic buying we would suggest you have a fixed budget in mind.

Step 3 - Suitability
If you are investing in your business, your new office furniture needs to be durable, comfortable and practical, after all, you will be spending a lot of time at your desk in the forthcoming months! When visiting showrooms, try lots of different chairs and choose a seat that is best suited to you (and your team if you will be expanding), taking into consideration any individual back care requirements.

The desking and storage you choose is equally as important as your new chair and should provide adequate space to house computer equipment or laptops, files, papers and anything you or your team need on a day to day basis.

Step 4 - Create the right impression
As we mentioned earlier in our blog, your office set-up will create either a positive or negative affect with visitors and new clients. Of course, no-one wants the latter, that’s why we feel it’s so important to take the opportunity to invest in your surroundings and impress potential new business.

Chosen correctly, your new office furniture will represent your brand and in turn, provide a professional look and feel of confidence for anyone meeting you at your new office.

Step 5 – Prepare for growth
Once your new business has launched and profits grow, you may consider taking on new staff to accommodate your requirements. When discussing the concept and planning your new office, take the time to consider where your team will sit and work comfortably.

A popular choice for many, the open-plan office offers a great modern and flexible solution that encourages creativity and communication amongst the team. Modular furniture will give you the flexibility to add to your selected furniture range, whilst bench style desks will give a cheaper adjustable footprint while looking stylish and retaining value.

We’re here to help
If you need a helping hand that allows you to concentrate on the finer details of growing your new business, please get in touch. We would be delighted to share our decades of experience and expertise, and help with space design, interior enhancements and sourcing the best office furniture from one of the many UK manufacturers we are proud to be partners with, all at a price you can afford tel: 01480 869001 or email, we can’t wait to get started. 



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