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Posted on 30th September 2019

The trend to create work environments specifically for co-working has seen significant growth over the years, with this style of workspace providing an alternative solution to the everyday office set-up.

A cleverly designed and effective co-working space with innovative furniture and accessories allows various types of individuals in all different fields of business to come together as part of a community, to collaborate on projects or to work as part of a team.

Our latest blog helps provide a greater understanding of co-working spaces along with some helpful hints and tips on selecting the perfect furniture solution.

Furnishing your space

Flexible collaboration spaces provide a comfortable place to work, offering employees in open-plan offices, freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs an interesting and inspiring place to work that is fully equipped with functional facilities and furniture all designed for a modern and innovative environment.

The open office environment naturally encourages teams of people to co-work, collaborate and network, so the right interior design and furnishings play a crucial part in creating a unique culture.

1. Understand your team or members

The first step to creating an effective co-working space is to understand who will be using the collaborative environment.

By really understanding the needs of the users, you can create a look that suits everyone, with a signature design that brings co-workers together.

Areas you may wish to introduce to accommodate individuals and businesses could include:

• Confidential and quiet spaces
• Areas to obtain refreshments or to take a break
• Meeting and conference room facilities
• Sound absorbing spaces to make private calls or for lone working

2. Design

The design of your co-working space will need to appeal and welcome its users.

To create a truly flexible area will require some thoughtful planning, you may even want to bring in a project manager who has experience in creating exciting and productive spaces that work!

During the planning and design stage, you will need to consider storage, electrical and data points, WIFI, kitchen facilities, pigeonhole or mail trays, lighting, acoustics and maybe even a games room area. All of these things will all add variety whilst providing areas suitable for everyday working, meetings, communal networking, and visitors.

3. Furniture

The right choice of office desking and seating will be one of the most important decisions when it comes to furnishing your co-working space effectively.

With 8 hours or more of every working day spent at the office, finding the right furniture with good ergonomic offerings will help encourage a wellness-focussed environment.

The everyday office desk may not meet the needs of your co-working area. With so many styles on the market, it’s hard to know which option would be best suitable, but if you want to encourage better wellbeing and a flexible solution, consider height-adjustable workstations. These desks give the user the ability to plug in their laptop or other media device and either sit or stand (or a combination of both throughout the day).

Operator chairs with multiple adjustable parts will help ensure users of different builds with varying back requirements are comfortable and seated correctly.

But it’s not just the staple furniture you need to consider, instead, think outside of the box and embrace furniture that will enhance your environment like comfortable soft seating, lounge chairs, booths, library-style tables, and acoustic screens.

Soft Seating & lounge chairs - Adding low seating and lounge chairs to shared areas will change the way workers interact and network, with soft seating providing a less formal and cosier space to work away from the desk.

Tables - By combining low, desk level and stand height tables you can diverse the usability of your workspace. Wooden tables can be partnered with stools, soft seating and task chairs and can bring a more relaxed, hot desk style of working, perfect for informal collaboration and networking.

Workspace and media booths are one of the most in-demand furniture pieces across the world. They create perfect spaces for private working or informal meetings, and as well as looking great, they offer flexibility with positive acoustic benefits, and are extremely cost-effective in comparison to meeting room suites.

Acoustics - one of the many challenges in an open plan area is the control of noise which, when you consider the purpose of these workspaces is to allow easy interaction, collaboration, and communication, it makes choosing the right acoustic furniture and accessories key in your decision making.

By strategically placing sound-absorbing screens, panels and artwork around your open environment, you can help create a more comfortable area, that helps improve productivity and provide business confidentiality. Find out more about acoustic furniture and accessories here

4. Aesthetics and Style

The function of your furniture will naturally trump style, however, the look and feel of your workspace shouldn’t be overlooked. You will need your co-working area to create a great first (and lasting) impression that is welcoming, and oozes cool and modern interior design.

Focal points will draw the eye, whilst good use of colours and materials will add an element of sophistication. By making good use of natural lighting, and by adding plants you can create a calmer environment with research showing they can help reduce stress and fatigue.

How can we help?

The choices you make will have a big impact on your collaboration zone including comfort and productivity. Our team of workspace consultants has decades of experience designing effective co-working spaces, and as independent furniture dealers, we can source furniture from many prestigious manufacturers from across the UK.

If you would like some guidance or a helping hand, we would be delighted to get involved and assist with project managing your refurbishment including space and interior design, fit-out works, acoustic surveys, sourcing furniture, liaising with staff and contractors, and organising delivery and installation. With exceptional customer care guaranteed, there is no better time to get in touch Tel: 01480 869001 Email:



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