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DSE Assessments

Are you sitting comfortably?

Professional DSE Assessments carried out on-site

A DSE assessment is a review of the working environment and any equipment relating to it, including the desk, chair and accessories.  These assessments are often overlooked, but did you know all businesses in the UK must comply with Health and Safety - Display Screen Equipment regulations 1992 (amended 2002) and all other relevant legislation along with good practice and ergonomic standards?

In brief, this means you need to ensure your employees have received sufficient training and have been audited with information from your assessment and recorded on an up-to-date risk assessment.

With the prolonged use of computer workstations and display screen equipment a correct DSE assessment is essential to achieve increased motivation and productivity and a reduction in staff absence.   

A DSE workstation assessment can be for all types of working environments and include:

  • Home Office
  • VDU / Laptops / Workstations
  • Mobile Smart devices
  • Agile Working Environments / Flexible spaces / Hot-desking
  • Reception Counter
  • Rise Desks / Sit-stand Desks
  • Touch-screens

To avoid health complications like neck, shoulder or back pain, stress, tiredness or temporary eyestrain, its imperative equipment is correctly set-up and good practice is thoroughly applied to prevent and minimise injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.  A thorough DSE assessment can also help make relevant adjustments to your workstation set-up and prevent any existing problems developing or getting worse.

COI DSE Assessment Guide

As a DSE provider we can provide complementary DSE, workstation and seating assessments either at your workplace on in one of fully stocked COI showrooms in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk or Leicester as well as advising on the best products, from our extensive range of ergonomic furniture and equipment.  Contact COI to book your consultation.