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The right breakout and soft seating creates an inviting and comfortable zone in your learning environment.

Choose from super comfy soft seating including sofas, singular seats, and booths. 

Ref: COI216
Ref: COI218
Ref: COI219
Ref: COI220
Ref: COI221
Ref: COI222
Ref: COI223
Ref: COI224
Ref: COI225
Ref: COI226
Ref: COI227
Ref: COI228
Ref: COI229
Ref: COI230
Ref: COI231
Ref: COI232
Ref: COI233
Ref: COI234
Ref: COI235
Ref: COI236
Ref: COI237
Ref: COI238
Ref: COI239
Ref: COI240
Ref: COI241
Ref: COI242
Ref: COI243
Ref: COI244
Ref: COI245
Ref: COI246
Ref: COI247
Ref: COI248
Ref: COI249
Ref: COI250
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